Be in line with your values

Positive shopping is a matter of consuming in line with your values. It's about what to buy, and it’s about how much. To adapt your lifestyle to your values is satisfying because it is a celebration of the world you want. You are joining a suitable supply chain and ditching the non-suitable ones. There are a lot of choices. Do it step by step at your own pace otherwise; it will be overwhelming.

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Nobody likes pollution, slavery, child abuse, animal suffering, climate change, biodiversity loss. But all these nasty problems are the reality. Why? One reason is that a lot of consumers don't consume in line with their values. Making the world an ugly place without the intentions to do so. In a way, you are part of the problem and not a part of the solution.

Planet: protect the environment
There are a lot of green strategies to lower your impact. If you are a big spender, save your money by buying fewer goods. Purchase second-hand stuff as much as possible and use it a long, long time. Biodiversity loss is a problem, and organically produced products will bring you closer to your idea that we should care. The vegan or vegetarian route is also effective if you want to reduce your environmental footprint. Buying local and seasonal is another green strategy, just like re-using and reducing your waste. Almost forgotten; use sustainable energy and ditch aviation as much as possible. Use public transport if it's available. I like to do them all, but I do it step by step. #minimalist #zerowaste #secondhand #organic #seasonal #local #vegan #vegetarian #greenenergy #greentravel #publictransport

Animals: cruelty-free
Most people love animals, especially their pets, but discussing the love for animals is a tricky subject. The following is my opinion. If you feel compassion for animals - all animals included - preferably live a vegan lifestyle. Humane farmers truly care for their livestock, but commercial interests limit the extent of their compassion. Their animals are raised for meat or dairy. Organic livestock farmers have to kill to survive: cows for dairy, pigs for meat etc. #vegan #humane #vegetarian.

People: fairtrade and healthy
Buying fairtrade is a must if you stand for social justice. Fairtrade is based on partnership, which means that the interests of farmers and workers are as important as other commercial considerations. The price we pay for products is fair when it gives enough to producers to afford life's essentials - like food, education and healthcare. Fairtrade is a model for development. Besides all these considerations, we have to care for ourselves and have access to good and healthy food and other consumer goods. This access is a right for everyone, but sadly this is not the case for every human on this planet. #fairtrade #healthy #socialjustice

As you can see, there are plenty of strategies to become a conscious consumer. Decide which approach suits you best and don’t judge others for their choices because it won't help. As you probably already know, it will be almost impossible to follow them all in perfection! Positive shopping is trying to consume in a way that fit your values best. You can follow my conscious consumer journey on Instagram.

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