Plastic is for eternity, and we use it mostly only once. The features that have made crude oil plastic so attractive are the same ones that make it pollutant: resistance to degradation. This near-eternal litter is omnipresent in the oceans, landfills and freshwater and on land and the numbers are quite likely to increase. Why use this eternal material once? The existence of single-use plastic is such an annoyance for most consumers. For me as well. I do my best (reusable cups & cutlery, cotton package bags, bulk shopping etc.) but still can’t get rid of plastic entirely. I am happy with the ban in the EU on single-use plastic in 2021, but single-use plastic meal boxes, sandwich boxes or food containers for fruits, vegetables, desserts or ice creams are not included. A stubborn zero waste practice will be still necessary until producers and governments are willing to protect the environment. Do you have tips for reducing single-use plastics?

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