#sustainability: Capitalism if world matters

Jonathon Porritt writes: “2007: the atmosphere warms up; the forests crash down; the poor of the world go on getting poorer; water resources in more than 30 countries are running dry; fish stocks decline; an additional 73 million people join the human race; 800 million go hungry while a billion get fat. Just an average year in the life of planet Earth. And still, we wait for today’s political “leaders” to begin to get their act together.”

“Politicians are fearful because they don’t believe the answers can be found within a capitalist framework. And they know they won’t get elected unless they go on offering voters the same kind of “get rich quick, party on politics” that has dominated our lives for the last 50 years.”

If we, the people can change and consume differently politicians don’t have to be fearful anymore. Read more: http://www.jonathonporritt.com/blog/capitalism-if-world-matters